This product will be replaced by the new platform-independent, application-based software licenses on 06/30/2024. For more information on application-based licenses, click here. Please note that the usage of the application-based licenses for our RTE Runtime requires the CODESYS Development System V3.5.19.50 or higher and the Control RTE SL Runtime V3.5.19.50 or higher.


A multicore extension for CODESYS Control RTE SL - an IEC 61131-3 compliant real-time SoftPLC for PC-based industrial controllers under Windows.

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Product Description


Single Device License

The product CODESYS Control RTE SL is a real-time software PLC for PC-based industrial controllers under Windows. The runtime system has its own real time kernel, which enables deterministic behavior with jitter values in the µs range without additional hardware components or operating system extensions.

The mutlicore license CODESYS Control RTE MC SL extends the CODESYS Control RTE SL by the ability to distribute the IEC application over several CPU cores. The application engineer decides whether the distribution of tasks should be handed over to the operating system or whether tasks such as motion, communication or visualization should be processed on individual cores. With the multicore extension the optimal distribution can be set for each application and monitored via integrated core tracing.


  • Better real-time behavior of independent tasks

  • Better performance of the overall system

  • More options for load distribution in the operating system

  • Preservation of data consistency

  • Longer CPU life


  • Runtime system extension for multicore operation of CODESYS Control RTE SL

  • Extension of the task configuration in the CODESYS Developement Systems for binding individual IEC tasks (tasks or task groups) to different CPU cores

  • Tracing of the load distribution of the multicore application within CODESYS

Fieldbus support

Fieldbuses are licensed within the CODESYS Control RTE SL product.


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.17.10 or higher

Runtime System

CODESYS Control RTE SL V3.5.17.10 or higher

Supported Platforms/ Devices

OS: Windows 8 / 10 / Embedded CPU: x86 (single core), x64 (multi core)

The versions maintained by Microsoft are supported.

Note: Use the tool “Device Reader” to find out the supported features of your device (free of charge component of CODESYS Development System).

Additional Requirements

Installation of CODESYS Control RTE SL




Single Device License: The license can be used on the target device/PLC on which the CODESYS Runtime System is installed.

Licenses are activated on a software-based license container (soft container), which is permanently connected to the controller. Alternatively the license can be stored on a CODESYS Key (USB-Dongle). By replugging the CODESYS Key, the license can be used on any other controller

Note: In demo mode, the software runs for two hours without a license. After that, a manual restart is required.

Required Accessories

Optional: CODESYS Key


No Support

Technical support is not included with this product. To obtain technical support, please purchase a CODESYS Support Ticket.


For general error messages or pre-sales inquiries, please use the "My Question" contact form directly, which can also be used without logging in. A list of alternative support resources can be found in the support section of the CODESYS Group website.



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