Application-Based Licenses

The CODESYS Application-Based Runtime Licenses provide truly hardware-independent licensing to CODESYS customers. Application-Based Licenses are scaling with the scope of the application running on any CODESYS SoftPLC supported platform. The scope of the application is defined by the number of I/O channels, number of fieldbus networks, number of visualized variables, code size and additional options such as SoftMotion. The device view in the CODESYS Development System shows details of the application scope in a CODESYS project for licensing purposes. 


At the core of the Application-Based Licenses are eight main license levels to choose from, plus optional add-ons for advanced features. The Application-Based Licenses are starting at a very low price for small applications and grow with the complexity and size of larger projects. Easy upgrades are available as needed to grow with your application. 


The result is a very economical and transparent licensing model for most control and HMI applications. Running the same application on a powerful industrial Windows PC or on a low-power Linux edge device is now possible with the same license at the same competitive price.


Application-Based Licenses are available for all CODESYS Control SL platforms starting with version or higher, and CODESYS Development System V3.5 SP19 Patch 1 or higher.


To operate a CODESYS-compatible SoftPLC, you need four components:


  1. CODESYS Development System
  2. Hardware
  3. SoftPLC installation
  4. License

1. CODESYS Development System

Use it to project PLC applications according to IEC 61131-3. Register in the CODESYS Store and download the full version free of charge: Then install the system on your Windows workstation PC. Another option is to use the CODESYS Development System to install the SoftPLC (see 3.) and the license (see 4.).

2. Hardware on which you want to operate the SoftPLC or virtual PLC.

Please note: In the CODESYS Store we only offer software, no hardware. To select a suitable hardware, please contact the supplier of your choice and make sure that a compatible CODESYS SoftPLC is available for the selected hardware (see 3.). A comprehensive selection of CODESYS-compatible hardware can be found here.

3. The software (SoftPLC or virtual PLC) that you install/deploy on your hardware.

Select the SoftPLC or virtual PLC you want to use. Available are:

  • Pre-customized SoftPLCs for a specific device or board (e.g. CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL, CODESYS Control for WAGO Touch Panels 600 SL, CODESYS Control for PLCnext MC SL, CODESYS Control for emPC-A/iMX6 SL or others)
  • Generic SoftPLCs for one platform (e.g. CODESYS Control for Linux SL with x86-compatible CPU, CODESYS Control for Linux ARM SL with ARM-compatible CPU, CODESYS Control Win SL with x86-compatible CPU and Windows, CODESYS Virtual Control SL with x86-compatible CPU and Linux a container, or more)

Download the installation file or image of the software for free from the CODESYS Deployment Server. Alternatively you find a few of our packages here .

Or you can install the software free of charge using the CODESYS Installer. The installer is available after installing the CODESYS Development System on the Windows workstation PC.

The software is installed via the CODESYS Development System (for Linux-based SoftPLCs) or a separate setup routine (for Windows-based systems). Virtual controllers are deployed via the CODESYS Automation Server.

Once the installation is complete, you can establish communication from the CODESYS Development System to the SoftPLC and start programming.

4. The license to operate the SoftPLC

Without a valid license, the SoftPLC runs in demo mode and exits automatically after a runtime of 2 hours. For 24/7 operation you need a license that fits your application.

Please note:

  •  The suitable license depends on your project. It is determined by parameters like the number of I/O points, desired fieldbus, desired additional products as well as application size.
  • If the project parameters change, we offer suitable upgrade licenses.
  • The different licenses are independent of the hardware (under 2.) and therefore identical for all SoftPLCs listed under 3.
  • You can install the license directly on the target device or on a USB dongle (CODESYS Key). Not sure which solution is right for you? You can find help here at the end of the page.

In the following graphic you will find an overview of all runtime licenses and their additional options:

CODESYS Control Basic S CODESYS Control Basic M CODESYS Control Basic L CODESYS Control Standard S CODESYS Control Standard M CODESYS Control Standard L CODESYS Control Performance M CODESYS Control Performance L CODESYS OPC UA M CODESYS OPC UA XXL CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (4) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (8) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (16) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (32) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (48) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (64) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (96) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (128) CODESYS SoftMotion Axes (256) CODESYS Visualization M CODESYS Visualization L CODESYS Visualization XL CODESYS Visualization XXL SoftMotion Axis Groups/CNC Interpolators (1) SoftMotion Axis Groups/CNC Interpolators (2) SoftMotion Axis Groups/CNC Interpolators (3) SoftMotion Axis Groups/CNC Interpolators (4) SoftMotion Axis Groups/CNC Interpolators (5) SoftMotion Axis Groups/CNC Interpolators (6)

How to find the correct license

The following questions will guide you to the right license for your project:

  • Which fieldbus is required and how many instances?
  • How many I/O channels will be necessary?
  • Does the project contain lots of self-implemented logic and functions that increase the code size?
  • Do you need high performance and stable real-time behavior?

The corresponding metrics can be found in the device dialog of the CODESYS Development System under the tab “license metrics”.

All available licenses with their parameters can be found here: Application Based Licenses


For frequently asked questions regarding application-based licenses, please visit: