Visu Element XY Chart Example

This sample project demonstrates how to use the ‘XY Chart’ visualization element.

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Visu Element XY Chart Example

Visu Element XY Chart Example

The sample project ‘XYChartExamples’ includes three applications for the ‘XY Chart’ visualization element. This ‘XY Chart’ visualization element displays the curve of array values graphically as a line or bar chart in the Cartesian coordinate system.

The sample project includes applications covering the following topics:
  • Curve overlapping
  • Curve programming
  • Zooming and panning

Programming system CODESYS Development System V3.5.13.0 or later
Runtime system CODESYS Control V3.5.13.0 or later
Supported platforms and devices Note: Use the “Device Reader” project for locating the functions supported by the PLC. The “Device Reader” project is available in the CODESYS Store free of charge.
Additional requirements -
Restrictions -
Licensing -
Required accessories -

Version history

Version Release Notes
Release Date - 24.07.2018

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Very beautifully done Review by Falko
The example shows the possibilities of the XY Chart very well (Posted on 05/09/2018)

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