E-learning Training Course - POWERLINK

This course is available on BE.educated® and is certified by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group. It covers the POWERLINK technology and the configuration of a POWERLINK network in the CODESYS IDE.

Access granted for 12 months or until completion.

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This online course covers all aspects and specifics of the POWERLINK Technology and demonstrates the configuration of a POWERLINK network in CODESYS. It is available on BE.educated®: www.be-educated.net. BE.educated® is the e-learning platform for professional industrial automation software tools. The Learning Management System offers a modern, hardware, time and place independent learning environment. More information about BE.educated® can be found here: https://be-educated.be-services.com/en/.

E-learning offers many advantages compared to traditional or online live training methods, including costs reduction, time optimization and continuous access to the courses. The POWERLINK Training Course targets engineers wanting to learn the POWERLINK Technology and the network configuration in the CODESYS IDE.

List of topics:

  1. POWERLINK Technology

  2. POWERLINK Network Editor

Language: English

Duration: About 3 hours

Certification: Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG)

Steps to follow after having received your registration key(s):

  1. Go to www.be-educated.net

  2. Click “enroll”

  3. Enter your enrollment key

  4. Fill-in the required information

  5. You are ready to learn


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CODESYS Development System

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BE.educated® is a brand of BE.services GmbH

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