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CODESYS Git enables the integrated use of the distributed version control system Git™ for all application objects.

CODESYS Git is part of the tool bundle CODESYS Professional Developer Edition.

Product Description

CODESYS Git seamlessly integrates the use of the distributed version control system Git™ into the CODESYS development environment. The functionality of Git is directly available in CODESYS. A local Git installation is not required.

Git™ is a software for distributed version control. Version control is a class of systems responsible for managing changes to documents, programs, and other information stored in files. It involves logging changes to one or a series of files over time so that a specific version can be reverted to later. In software development, version control systems are also used where a team of developers work together on the managed files.

The main tasks of a version control system are:

  • Logging of changes: It can be traced at any time who made which changes and when.

  • Restoring old statuses of individual files: Accidental changes can be undone at any time.

  • Archiving the individual statuses of a project: All versions can be accessed at any time.

  • Coordination of shared access to files by several developers

  • Simultaneous development of several development branches of a project

Distributed version control does not use a central repository. Each developer working on the managed project has their own repository and can synchronize it with any other repository. Version history is also distributed. Changes can be tracked locally without having to connect to a server.

Further information on Git can be found at


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.17.0 or higher

Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices


Additional Requirements

Subscription of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

In order to enable collaboration in Git, it is recommended to use a Git server.

For information on how to work with Git or how to install the required software, please refer to the IT specialist in your company.




see CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

Required accessories

Optional: CODESYS Key

Detailed compatibility information


Programming System Version - most recent release


Technical support is not included with this product. To get technical support please purchase a Support Ticket.

A list of alternative support resources can be found at the support section of the CODESYS Group web page.



A member of the CODESYS Group

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D-87439 Kempten

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Version History

Version Release note Release date
- 02.07.2021


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