For more information on application-based licenses, click here. Please note that the usage of the application-based licenses requires the CODESYS Development System V3.5.19.10 or higher and a Control SL Runtime V4.9.0.0 or higher. Please also update your project to the latest version.

CODESYS Communication XXL

The CODESYS Communication M license enables the use of the Symbol Configuration, Communication Manager and Datasource Manager. The exchange of an unlimited number of tags is allowed.

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Product Description

The publishing of data is done via OPC UA. Two use cases are supported for this:

  • Variables of an application can be published by directly selecting them without having to define a specific information model.

  • The usage of OPC UA Information Models. The support is implemented in a generic way. The object- and data types defined in information models can be converted to IEC data type declarations.

Receiving data is achieved by using data sources. The source can either be another CODESYS application or an OPC UA Server.

Performance classes Communication

Performance classes

Number of tags

Communication S


Communication M


Communication XXL


Base License

This license also acts as an upgrade license to upgrade from an already purchased application-based license (Base License) to a higher-performance license. license. The costs of the already purchased license (Base License) will be fully fully credited.

The CODESYS Communication S license is already included in the runtime system license by default.

The Base License must already be installed on the system, otherwise the license will be rejected during installation.


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.19.10 or higher CODESYS Communication V4.3.0.0 or higher

Runtime System

CODESYS Control V3.5.19.10 or higher

Supported Platforms/Devices

CODESYS Store runtime products for Windows and Linux

Note: Use the project “Device Reader” to find out the supported features of your device. “Device Reader” is available for free in the CODESYS Store.

Additional Requirements

See license agreement. After installation, the user is responsible for implementing and checking the functionality of the combination of the software package and hardware according to device specifications.




Single device license: The license can be used on the target device/PLC on which the CODESYS runtime system is installed.

Licenses are activated on a software-based license container (soft container), which is permanently connected to the controller. Alternatively, the license can be stored on a CODESYS Key (USB dongle). By replugging the CODESYS Key, the license can be used on any other controller.

Note: In demo mode (no license for runtime and OPC UA), the software runs for two hours without a license. After that, a manual restart is required.

Required Accessories

Optional: CODESYS Key


No Support

Technical support is not included with this product. To obtain technical support, please purchase a CODESYS Support Ticket.


For general error messages or pre-sales inquiries, please use the "My Question" contact form directly, which can also be used without logging in. A list of alternative support resources can be found in the support section of the CODESYS Group website.



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