As part of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition, CODESYS SVN extends the CODESYS Development System (32/64 bit) with an integrated connection to the software versioning system Apache™ Subversion®.

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Apache™ Subversion® (SVN) is a tool for versioning and revision control of current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation. Apache™ Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation. See the package information in the package manager for more information.

Revision control, also known as version control or source control, is the management of changes to documents, programs, and other information stored as computer files. It is most commonly used in software development, where a team of people may change the same files. The main tasks of a version control system are: * Log of changes: It can be reproduced at any time what changes have been made, when and by who these changes have been made. * Restore of old revisions of single files. Changes of files by mistake can be undone at any time. * Archiving of specific revision of a project. It is always possible to go back to older versions. * Coordination of shared access of developers. * Simultaneous development of multiple branches of a project.

The Subversion functions are directly available in CODESYS both in the 32-bit and in the 64-bit variant. The application is seamlessly integrated in the CODESYS development environment.

CODESYS SVN can be installed and started in the CODESYS Development System without a license. To connect to an SVN repository, a license key is required in the demo as well as in the full version.

Programming System CODESYS Development System V3.5.9.50 or higher
Runtime System -
Supported Platforms/ Devices -
Additional Requirements Installation of a Subversion project archive (repository) on a server or locally in a file. For further information on how to create a Subversion project archive, contact your IT specialist.
Restrictions none
Licensing License activation on CODESYS Security Key
Required Accessories CODESYS Security Key:

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Version history

Version Release note
Release date

Security updates:

  • For more details see Advisory 2018-03, which is available on the CODESYS website:

General information:

  • Support multiple diff-views at once for compare
  • The SVN_VERSION_INFO object now is available even if there’s no connection to the SVN repository.
  • SVN has now a view “Pending Changes” which shows the current changes to the existing project version.
  • “Revert to revision” now is able to revert the whole subtree under a single selected object.
  • The SVN_VERSION_INFO provides instantly updated information.
  • The SVN Log dialog just loads the first 100 log entries.
  • When merging, for conflicting names the affected nodes are marked with a tree conflict marker, keeping the local state of the object.
  • New button “Mark as Resolved” within the resolve conflict dialog.
  • The background check for remote repository changes now is configured to recognize release of locks as well.”

15.03.2018 CODESYS SVN is a security update which solves the issue noted in Advisory 2017-08.
For more details see:
29.09.2017 - 26.04.2017 - 24.10.2016

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With Errors Review by jsilva
Continuous errors when using with Lenze Controllers. Configuration of devices missing after checking SVN. Many times problems using locks. (Posted on 18/06/2018)
Codesys SVN Review by Badenser1959
Sehr gute Integration der SVN-Quellcodeverwaltung in die Codesys-IDE, vergleichbar mit Tortoise-SVN in Visual Studio 2015/2017 (Posted on 28/04/2018)
CoDeSys frozen on SVN update Review by Andrae
often the CoDeSys front end gets infinitely frozen when trying to update f.i. a POU tree from SVN. The only way out is to kill the process and to get the packed project file from the SVN server by the help of the command line.
If the project could alternatively stored as a readable and writable directory tree with source files but not xml based instead of the zipped project file one could handle the version control on file and directory level. (Posted on 06/02/2018)
Good functionality Review by CoDeSys OEM
CoDeSys SVN has all of the necessary functionality. I did encounter a data corruption issue that forced me to baseline a project and save it in a new directory. (Posted on 24/10/2017)
Slow, buggy, but working well when you know how to use it Review by Jochen
When collaborating on the same project, this plugin is a must. It's a pity that it is buggy.
Big projects are slow in handling the versioning. Checking out a bigger project takes around 5 to 10 minutes.
When moving or copying parts from one place to another, it is certain that subversion will pop up windows with long call stack errors and quit functioning.
You need to learn how to handle the plugin for a while to be able got go around the known errors, bugs and traps. We ended up with disconnecting the project and importing it into the repository five times until we knew how to use it.
The documentation is not too detailed to say the least.

Nevertheless, when you know how to handle the beast, it is highly useful!
(Posted on 24/10/2017)

This product includes a CODESYS Support Ticket, incl. 1 hour support of CODESYS.

More details can be found in the CODESYS Store product CODESYS Support Ticket.

3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH

Memminger Straße 151

87439 Kempten


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