CODESYS Static Analysis

As part of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition CODESYS Static Analysis extends the CODESYS Development System with a tool to check source code based on pre-defined rules.

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CODESYS Static Analysis

CODESYS Static Analysis

With the tool CODESYS Static Analysis it is possible to check the source code based on pre-defined rules and naming conventions in addition to the compiler code check. Additional information on potential development problems is revealed and errors are detected and eliminated before the application will be tested in the field. A lot of time can be saved during the development of applications for debugging.

In CODESYS Static Analysis more than 100 pre-defined rules are implemented, where some of them are configurable. It is possible to combine these rules to individual sets of rules. The functions of the tool are completely integrated into the CODESYS Development System.

Programming System CODESYS Development System V3.5.12.0 or higher
Runtime System -
Supported Platforms/ Devices -
Additional Requirements -
Restrictions -
  • CODESYS Softcontainer, with CODESYS Development System SP 13

    (Workplace-bound licensing, free part of all CODESYS products) CODESYS Security Key

  • Optional: CODESYS Security Key

(Increased security against loss of license keys, transferable licensing to other workstations)
Required accessories Optional: CODESYS Security Key

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CODESYS Static Analysis Demo

CODESYS Static Analysis Demo

Version history

Version Release notes
Release date

Support of Softcontainer licensing (no Dongle needed)

New rules and functions
  • Concurrent access on not atomic data (rule 103)
  • Possible use of not initialised reference (rule 145)
  • Prohibit dereference access in initialisations (rule 124)

New setting options for checking prefix usage:

  1. First character after prefix should be an upper case letter
  2. Recursive prefixes for combinable data types
  3. Combine scope prefix with data type prefix
02.03.2018 CODESYS Static Analysis ensures 64 bit compatibility and contains 7 bug-fixes. 04.10.2017 - 09.03.2017 - 15.06.2016

4 Review(s)

Good Review by leoV
would recommend (Posted on 13/09/2017)
Scope of checked values Review by mixa
When using a pointer (or divider) 10 or more lines below checking the value (within IF-END_IF), SA issues an error of possible null (or 0). (Posted on 12/11/2015)
--- Review by Franz
--- (Posted on 28/05/2013)
Just trying to start... Review by Strucc
... (Posted on 08/04/2013)

This product includes a CODESYS Support Ticket, incl. 1 hour support of CODESYS.

More details can be found in the CODESYS Store product CODESYS Support Ticket.

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