The CODESYS Key is a USB dongle for secure storage of your software licenses based on CodeMeter® technology.

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€31.90 plus VAT
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€31.90 plus VAT


The CODESYS Key is a USB dongle that allows the storage of up to 2000 licenses with different license models.

The CODESYS Key can be used for all license products available in the CODESYS Store:

  • Workstation-based licenses

  • subscription licenses

  • Single device licences (‘SL’).

In addition, CodeMeter® licenses of other manufacturers can be stored in separate areas on the CODESYS Key.

Protection features

With the help of the CODESYS Key it is possible to protect parts of the CODESYS application against unauthorized access by third parties.

The following protection functions are available:

  • Project encryption to protect the source code of CODESYS applications

  • Encryption of the CODESYS boot application to protect the executable code on the controller

  • Access protection for libraries and application functions.

Further information and help can be found under the keyword “security” on the CODESYS YouTube channel and the CODESYS Online Help.

Differences to the SoftContainer solution integrated in CODESYS

Software license container (SoftContainer)

CODESYS Key (dongle)


  • No additional hardware required

  • No additional costs

  • No physical delivery necessary

  • Unlimited number of storable licenses

  • License usable immediately

  • No loss of license, e.g. in case of theft of a dongle

  • License holder independent of the target device

  • Easy transfer of the license to another device

  • License remains valid even in case of defect of the device

  • Simple process of granting and withdrawing licenses

  • Number of storable licenses almost unlimited (approx. 4,000)

  • Use of the CODESYS Key also for security tasks (including project encryption)


  • No transfer of the license to another device

  • Loss of the license in case of a defect of the device

  • Need for additional hardware and matching slot (USB)

  • Additional costs for key, shipping and customs fees (if applicable)

  • Waiting time before using the license until delivery of the CODESYS Key

  • Loss of the license in case of theft of the dongle


Programming System


Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices

See Wibu-Systems AG: CmStick/B.

Additional Requirements

USB interface (HID)





Required Accessories


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