CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL

CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL is an adapted CODESYS Control runtime system for Raspberry Pi (PLC extension).
Without purchasing a license (just download) the CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi runs for two hours without functional limitations and shuts down automatically (demo).

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CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL

CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL

CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL contains a CODESYS Control application for all Raspberry Pi, including the Compute Module (see as well as the capability to use the extension modules Raspberry PiFace Digital, Raspberry Pi Camera and several devices/breakouts with SPI, I²C or 1-wire communication interface.

This product can be installed with the included CODESYS Deploy Tool plug-in via the CODESYS Development System on a Linux distribution Raspbian. After each restart the runtime system will be started automatically. If no valid full license can be found, CODESYS Control runs for two hours without functional limitations before shut down.

This product supports the following functionalities:
- MODBUS-TCP Master/Slave
- MODBUS-RTU Master/Slave
- EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter
- PROFINET Controller/Device
- EtherCAT Master    
- CANopen Master/Slave    
- CAN/CANopen Master/Slave    
- J1939

This product supports the following additional features:
- CODESYS SoftMotion CNC
- CANopen via EL6751 Gateway

This product consists of:
- Debian package with CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi
- CODESYS Deploy Tool Plug-in for the CODESYS Development System
- CODESYS device description files for Raspberry Pi, Raspberry PiFace Digital, Raspberry PiFace Control&Display, Raspberry Pi Camera, several devices/breakouts with I²C (SRF02, Adafruit PWM, MPU6050, MPU9150, AK8975), SPI (MCP3008, MCP23S17) or 1-wire (DS18B20) communication interface

The complete installation is described in the document "First Steps" (part of the CODESYS Package). Details to the licensing process is shown on our YouTube channel:


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.6.0 or later

Target System


Supported Platforms / Devices

Raspberry Pi


- Pi Model B / B+
- Pi2 Model B

V3.5.8.0 or later

- Pi3 Model B

V3.5.9.10 or later


- All Models

V3.5.11.0 or later

Additional Requirements

- The CODESYS Control requires a network interface (LAN, WLAN), especially with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and the Raspberry Pi ZERO.

- If the product is used for industrial purposes, it is the responsibility of the system manufacturer to ensure compliance with the necessary specifications.


- The combination of Raspberry Pi and a CODESYS Runtime is primarily intended for test and teaching purposes.

- The runtime system does not have real-time behavior. Its Jitter depends on many factors, especially on parallel executed Linux applications, and is ideally approximately 50 µs – with maximum values of approximately 400µs.


- Activation on the CODESYS Soft Container (part of this software package)

- Optional: CODESYS Runtime Key

- If there is no valid license, the runtime system works for two hours without a functional restriction and then terminates automatically (demo).

Required Accessory

 -SD-card (minimum 4GB)

- Optional: CODESYS Runtime Key

- The operating system "Raspian" (

Version history

Version Release date 21.09.2017 22.08.2017 13.07.2017 16.03.2017 15.12.2016

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Overwhelming Review by acryl
Works out of the Box. (Posted on 19/09/2017)
Great tool Review by mereseli.agron
Great tool (Posted on 18/09/2017)
Rasp-PI Review by jreitzig
Hi, wish the full support for all GPIO's came right out of the box. The fiddling with XML and library files does not make sence given the background that the "OLD" Rasperries are not very wide spread any longer. In cases where old hardware support is unavoidable, let these users do the library replacement rather that the majority.

Apart from that: Great Great product!! (Posted on 16/09/2017)
Первые впечатления. Review by Борис
5 звезд почему-то не дает поставить )
Скачал для тестирования. Попробовал - первые впечатления весьма положительные.
Буду пробовать дальше.
Задача - контроллер для управления OEM модулями ввода- вывода по Modbus. (Posted on 15/09/2017)
Great for learning Review by lesaew
I got codesys with the raspberry pi. It is a great learning platform! (Posted on 13/09/2017)

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