The framework “SQL4CODESYS” allows direct communication between CODESYS controls and databases. With the database, large amounts of data can be efficiently managed, which opens up many new possibilities (detailed logging of information, flexible production by retrieving production parameters, recording of process values during production for traceability, interface to ERP and order management systems, …).

Compared to systems which communicate via an OPC interface, the software architecture is considerably simpler and more powerful with this approach!

The framework has been developed and can be used for a variety of databases, PLC and robot controls.

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The SQL4automation Connector is a software solution for the industrial usage. It connects PLC and robotic controls directly with SQL databases. The connector is also available preinstalled on an IPC. Industrial controllers directly access SQL databases via the connector. The controller can query data from tables, insert, change and delete data in tables by using SQL commands [structured query language]. Moreover, database procedures can be executed. An OPC-server is not required. This enhances the performance, increases security and offers greater flexibility. No project specific adjustments are necessary at the connector; everything is programmed in the controller. There are already complete libraries available for many controllers that you can include in your project instantly. The SQL4automation Connector meets very high demands of reliability and performance. Since 2007 it has been constantly enhanced and optimized. To this end, we use the experience and expertise from a lot of applications.

You can find more detailed information at http://www.sql4automation.com or in the user manual, which is included in the download package.



CODESYS Development System V3.5.11.0


CODESYS Control V3.5.11.0

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SQL4automation-Connector Software (Download-Link: http://www.sql4automation.com)


Im Testbetrieb wird die Kommunikation nach 2 Stunden beendet. Die Testlizenz kann beliebig oft aktiviert werden.


Für den produktiven Einsatz der Connector-Software ist ein USB-Dongle erforderlich. Bestellung über info@sql4automation.com

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Inasoft Systems GmbH
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