Home Energy Control

Home-Energy-Control is a software to log and analyse the electrical energy balance of a residential building.
The income of a PV-Plant can be compared with the own consumption and purchase energy.

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Home Energy Control

Home Energy Control

This application monitors the electrical energy balance of a residential building with income of a PV-Plant, own consumption and purchase energy. In addition to the system status several views for the day, month, year and overall summary are shown by CODESYS WEB visualization. The measurement of the electrical income is made by an optical scanning head connected to the electric meter by D0-Interface (SML or IEC 61107). The feed-in energy and the purchase energy is measured in the same manner but at the two-way meter. When using SMA inverters the electrical income alternatively can be read with SMA Speedwire via the Ethernet interface...
The data are stored on the SD-Card of the PLC and can be transmitted by FTP-Push to anywhere. The documentation and the software GUI is in German language only!


System requirements and restrictions

  Programming system

CODESYS Development System
Version or higher

  Runtime system

CODESYS Control Version or higher

  Supported Platforms/ Devices

CODESYS WinV3 and Raspberry-Pi

 Additional requirements

Optical scanner to read data from electronic meter


Without a license key the software works in DEMO-Mode with the following limitations:

- Storing the energy production, feed-in data
on SD-Card is deaktivated
- Data upload with FTP-Push is deaktivated
- Feed-in managment is deaktivated

Version history

Version Release date
Version 17.06.2015

See user documentation for more information.

Version 10.11.2014

See user documentation for more information.

Version 22.09.2014  

Martin Paulick
Am Schäferfeld 3c
32547 Bad Oeynhausen

Tel: +49 160 96678660



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