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In case of technical problems when using products from the CODESYS Store, the CODESYS OEM Support will be happy to help you with the purchase of a CODESYS Support Ticket.

Product Description

The following procedure applies to the processing of CODESYS Support Tickets:

  • The tickets are processed in the order of the entry date.

  • The initial response to your ticket will be given by our support team within a maximum of 3 working days.

  • For the processing of a ticket the time frame of one hour is always provided. If your problem can not be resolved within this timeframe, we will contact you.

  • Any communication or access to the processing history of your ticket will be made directly via your CODESYS Store account in the section “My Tickets”.

  • If necessary, CODESYS project files and other information is securely transmitted via the Help Desk interface, stored and processed.

The CODESYS Support Ticket is managed in the personal CODESYS Store account of registered CODESYS Store customers. A CODESYS support ticket can be opened via the “My orders” menu item as soon as a technical question has been submitted to CODESYS support. If the CODESYS support ticket not utilized, it remains in the list of orders for future to ask available. Via the “support ticket” of CODESYS Store offers a comprehensive listing of completed and open requests can be tracked on the requests and processed.

If regular requests have to be addressed to CODESYS support, an end customer support contract can be concluded. This contract eliminates the need to purchase a CODESYS Support Ticket before making a request. For further details on the contract, please contact CODESYS Sales via “My question”.

When you do not need CODESYS support ticket?

  • If you have already purchased a CODESYS Runtime Toolkit or CODESYS Visualization Toolkit, you are eligible without CODESYS support ticket to make a request to the CODESYS Support (OEM Support).

  • Some products available CODESYS store already include a support ticket. To find out whether the purchased product already contains a support ticket, please click on the “Support” tab in the respective product view.

  • If a CODESYS Enduser Support Agreement exists.

Reporting of general errors

General error in CODESYS products can be reported directly by clicking on “My question” in CODESYS Store.

Products from third parties

If you would like support for third-party products, please contact them directly.


Programming System


Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices

CODESYS products in the CODESYS Store

Additional Requirements



  • Support only for CODESYS products

  • No CODESYS Support for products of Store partners

  • The support entitlement is valid for one year from the date of purchase.



Required Accessories

CODESYS Store Account


Technical support is not included with this product. To get technical support please purchase a Support Ticket.

A list of alternative support resources can be found at the support section of the CODESYS Group web page.



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