CODESYS Academy Training V3 SoftMotion - ONLINE

Organizer / Trainer: CODESYS GmbH / Patrick Rohloff

Place: online

Date: 15.10.2024 - 17.10.2024

Language: EN

This training is targeted for individuals who are new to CODESYS V3 SoftMotion and need to get started with a good foundation. Through a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises, this class teaches the basic features and concepts of CODESYS V3 SoftMotion.

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Tuesday Oct 15, 2024 (08:30 CEST) - Thursday Oct 17, 2024 (16:30 CEST)
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Product Description

A course from the CODESYS Academy Series. An Original Training by the CODESYS manufacturer.

The training is online led by an instructor. The theoretical part is followed by practical exercises to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Use cases are used to demonstrate how the tool can be used.

The training participant will learn about the following aspects of CODESYS V3 SoftMotion:

  • Basic:

    • Configuration

    • Single axis movements

    • PLCopen® behaviour model

    • Visualisation templates

    • Diagnosis

    • Gearing

  • CAM

    • CAM editor

    • Executing the cam definition

  • CNC

    • CNC editor

    • G-Code

    • Web pre-processing in the editor

    • interpolation

    • Axle access

    • Web pre-processing in the application

  • Robotics

    • Configuration of the axis group

    • Kinematic jogging

    • Axis group movements

    • Motion transitions

    • Tracking

A virtual desktop is available to each participant for exercises at online courses. This desktop can be accessed with a browser.

Required Accessories:

Included in delivery:

  • Online training

  • Training documentation

  • Certificate upon successful completion of the training

Notes for participation:

Please note that we only allow participants who transmit their camera image to participate in the training.

Recording of the training is not allowed.

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