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This is an basic introduction is an intro course to the vast world of Industrial Automation PLC Testing, using Python over OPC UA.

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This is a basic introduction is an intro course to the vast world of Industrial Automation PLC Testing. We will be utilizing multiple technologies to accomplish an automated method, to Test PLC Software.


The Reason anyone would want to learn this course, is to add the knowledge of using Python scripts in order to test multiple PLC software component, written in any PLC programming Language like, Ladder Logic, Structured Text, Function Blocks, etc. We will be utilizing CODESYS for this manner, but the knowledge will be learned here can be applied to any other PLC that supports OPC UA (which almost any modern PLC does now day). All you need to start this course is some basic Python Programming and PLC programming knowledge. Other than that I will be guiding you step by step to create your own Testing Environment, establishing communication with CODESYS soft PLC, exchanging information and writing Test cases in Python.


This course is short, and really exciting, and all the information here all totally new to the internet world. I am sharing with you my expertise that I have gained working in giant companies like BMW and Schneider electric.


The skills you will learn: 

  • Learn to Establish OPC communication server and client side 
  • Learn how to write Python Test Cases
  • Learn how to Read/Write variables from and to PLC using Python and OPC UA 
  • Learn about different Testing methods I hope to see you all there!   



Munich | Germany

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Munich | Germany

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