AnyViz Cloud Adapter

Turns your PLC into an IoT gateway. AnyViz is probably the easiest way to monitor, operate and analyze machine and plant controls remotely.

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Product Description

With AnyViz Cloud Adapter, you can transform your existing PLCs into IoT gateways and connect your system to the AnyViz Cloud. Completely without complicated engineering tools and protocol configurations, you can immediately begin the online configuration of your Cloud HMI. The unique operating concept makes this possible without training. The innovative AnyViz communication protocol encrypts your data at the PLC level and is highly optimized thanks to push method. If the Internet connection fails, the data is temporarily stored on the controller.

  • Real-time process data visualization with just a few clicks

  • Process data recording and analyzing

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Remote control – from anywhere in the world

  • Communication between devices, beyond location borders

  • Access from any modern browser, whether workstation, tablet or smartphone


For CODESYS versions prior to SP15, the Cloud Adapter version is recommended. To get an older version, switch to the “All versions” tab.


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.6.0

Target System

CODESYS Control V3.5.6.0

Supported Platforms / Devices

For a list of tested controls, see

Additional Requirements

AnyViz registration, see



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Mirasoft GmbH & Co. KG

Steingraben 13
97788 Neuendorf

This product includes technical support from the original software vendor. To submit your request, please contact the vendor directly.


Mirasoft GmbH & Co. KG

Steingraben 13
97788 Neuendorf


+49 9351 9793320

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Version History

Version Release Notes Release date
  • Fixed: Access to structure symbols failed as of SP19/SP20
  • Support for UTF8-Strings
  • Fix handling WSTRING variables
  • Fix when browsing symbol sets with multiple root nodes
  • Change to new library format and signing of library (SP15 required)
  • Upgrade to more performant encryption
  • Possibility to specify user of UserManagement in order to use symbol sets

Note: For CODESYS versions prior to SP15, please use one of the previous versions of the Cloud Adapter below.

  • fix: in rare cases sending large amounts of data with half open connection could cause a delay in task processing. Update recommended.
  • fix: "Error" output was not set if the connection was interrupted in online mode
  • fix: Failure behavior with STRING >= 1000 characters or WSTRING >= 500 characters
  • Symbols of data type WSTRING are now supported
  • New input "OperationMode" to temporary disable AnyViz or to temporary work offline
  • New input "DispayName" to preset name of cloud adapter in AnyViz portal
  • The cloud adapter can now be unique identified even if the MAC address changes
  • Support of new data types: Date, DT, Time, Time64, TOD
  • Library Information POUs are now available
  • fix: Variables of certain data types were not correctly buffered locally when the connection failed
  • Adjustments to ensure compatibility with SP15
  • Recovered compatibility with big endian CPUs
  • Support for additional IEC data types
  • Optional access to the PLC file system
  • Website routing optimization (including websockets)
  • Support of x64 systems
  • Website routing with Websockets now possible
  • Peformance and detail improvements
  • Several local websites can now be made available to the AnyViz portal
  • Optimizations for operation with slow internet connections
  • Improved compatibility
  • Optimized behavior for unstable UMTS connections

New in version Access your local web visualization on the go. Thanks to AnyViz, you do not need a certificate, fixed IP address, or complicated network routing.