CODESYS Sensor App for Android

With the product "CODESYS Sensor App for Android", the sensor data of from an Android smartphone can be sent to a CODESYS controller.

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CODESYS Sensor App for Android

CODESYS Sensor App for Android

Numerous sensors are integrated in smartphones, such as Hall Effect sensors, acceleration sensors, and GPS sensors. With the "CODESYS Sensor App for Android", the data of the most popular sensors can transmitted from an Android based device to a CODESYS controller over an IT network connection In addition, the voice recognition of Android can be used for transmitting recognized words as strings to the controller. When an Internet connection is available, simple speech recognition can be established with the Android device (e.g. smartphone).
The software package also includes a sample project for the CODESYS Development System for viewing the transmitted data in a visualization.

You can download the required Android-App 'CODESYS Sensor App' from the Google Play Store.


Programming system

CODESYS Development System V3.5.8.0

Runtime system

CODESYS Control V3.5.8.0

Supported platforms and devices



Note: Use the “Device Reader” project for locating the functions supported by the PLC. The "Device Reader" project is available in the CODESYS Store free of charge.

Additional requirements

  • Network connection between the Android device and the CODESYS controller
  • Internet connection (for voice control)




License not required

Required accessories

  • Android device (e.g. smartphone)
  • CODESYS capable controller
  • CODESYS Sensor App (see Google Play Store)

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