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CODESYS Git ermöglicht die integrierte Verwendung des verteilten Versionsverwaltungssystems Git™ für alle Applikationsobjekte.

CODESYS Git ist Teil des Tool-Bundles CODESYS Professional Developer Edition.


CODESYS Git integriert die Verwendung des verteilten Versionsverwaltungssystems Git™ nahtlos in die CODESYS-Entwicklungsumgebung. Die Funktionen von Git stehen direkt in CODESYS zur Verfügung. Eine lokale Git-Installation ist nicht erforderlich.

Git™ ist eine Software zur verteilten Versionsverwaltung. Unter Versionsverwaltung versteht man eine Klasse von Systemen, die für das Management von Änderungen an Dokumenten, Progammen und anderen in Dateien gespeicherten Informationen zuständig sind. Dabei werden die Änderungen an einer oder einer Reihe von Dateien über die Zeit hinweg protokolliert, sodass später auf eine bestimmte Version zurückgegriffen werden kann. In der Softwareentwicklung finden Versionsverwaltungen auch dort Verwendung, wo ein Team von Entwicklern gemeinsam an den verwalteten Dateien arbeitet.

Die Hauptaufgaben einer Versionsverwaltung sind:

  • Protokollierung der Änderungen: Es kann jederzeit nachvollzogen werden, wer wann welche Änderungen vorgenommen hat.

  • Wiederherstellung von alten Ständen einzelner Dateien: Versehentliche Änderungen können jederzeit wieder rückgängig gemacht werden.

  • Archivierung der einzelnen Stände eines Projektes: Es ist jederzeit möglich, auf alle Versionen zuzugreifen.

  • Koordinierung des gemeinsamen Zugriffs von mehreren Entwicklern auf die Dateien

  • Gleichzeitige Entwicklung mehrerer Entwicklungszweige eines Projektes

Eine verteilte Versionsverwaltung verwendet kein zentrales Repository. Jeder Entwickler, der an dem verwalteten Projekt arbeitet, hat sein eigenes Repository und kann dieses mit jedem beliebigen anderen Repository abgleichen. Die Versionsgeschichte ist ebenso verteilt. Änderungen können lokal verfolgt werden, ohne eine Verbindung zu einem Server aufbauen zu müssen.

Weitergehende Information zu Git finden sich unter



CODESYS Development System V3.5.17.0 oder höher



Unterstützte Plattformen/ Geräte


Zusätzliche Anforderungen

Abonnement der CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

Um die Zusammenarbeit in Git zu ermöglichen, empfiehlt sich die Verwendung eines Git-Servers.

Für Informationen zur Arbeit mit Git oder zur Installation der benötigten Software wenden Sie sich bitte an wenden Sie sich bitte an den IT-Spezialisten in Ihrem Unternehmen.




siehe CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

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Optional: CODESYS Key

Detaillierte Kompatibilitäts-Information


Programmiersystem - Neuestes Release


Technischer Support ist bei diesem Produkt nicht enthalten. Um technischen Support zu erhalten, erwerben Sie bitte ein Support Ticket.

Eine Liste mit alternativen Support-Ressourcen finden Sie im Support-Bereich der CODESYS Group-Webseite.



A member of the CODESYS Group

Memminger Straße 151
D-87439 Kempten

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Version History

Version Release note Release date
- 02.07.2021


  1. So many problem - Skip the

    Review by CODESYS Support - Posted on 10/13/21

    Dear customer,
    sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your detailed report of issues.
    Actually we're already investigating most of them for future releases, such as a truly textual storage format,
    further authentication mechanisms and an upgraded UI.
    As you already supposed, we're planning to evolve the product constantly.
    Regarding the errors you experienced please contact us at
    Of course reliability is important to CODESYS Git, thus we're interested in fixing any bug hindering your work.


    This plugin is painful to use and feels like all the worst things about git turned into a plugin. What is there not to like:

    - Diffs generated aren't plain text, but instead some huge JSON blob of the change. Viewing a PR like in github is worthless.
    - The interface is horrid, and really confusing to use
    - Doesn't support SSH keys, only a token which is a lot of fun to work with
    - Any heavy commands aside from a commit normally runs into an error asking to close the project without saving in hopes you can redo the git command without issue
    - Rolling back unstaged changes breaks the project, get a nice "Resynchronization of the Git repository to the project failed" message
    - Switching a branch is rolling a dice, most the time it never works

    The worst sin of this plugin is the way it was implemented. Since this is a paid addon and not bundled into CodeSys they went the way of implementing the git part as an additional directory. So you have the project file itself and THEN the git "dump" directory that has everything saved in a flat file. At first glance this doesn't seem like an issue. The issue arises when these two are not in sync.

    For example:
    - Most simple changes will cause Codesys to reload the fails most of the time
    - Anything that causes the the two (codesys, git dump) to be out of sync is a hot mess, AFAIK Codesys can't reload from the git store directly and refers back to the project file, hence why people are mentioning Codesys is asking to close said project without saving etc in other reviews.

    The worst way this manifested itself is I did a rollback of unstaged changes, during the project reload that Codesys does it removed all my J1939 devices and ECUs. Once the rollback is complete git says it is in line with HEAD. Codesys said it is fine but all my J1939 devices are gone. Lets close Codesys and reload the project, since it just didn't read something correctly?

    Upon opening the project none of the rollback changes are kept since we didn't save the project file. OK, lets rollback again with git and save the project and reload. Upon reloading none of the J1939 devices are present, and git shows those devices are missing. OK, lets rollback again, but upon doing so the devices go missing again and never show up.

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  2. Install but doesn't work
    Review by CODESYS Support - Posted on 10/13/21

    Dear customer,
    please check the messages in your CODESYS IDE for errors from the Git AddOn.
    Some brandlabeled CODESYS variants lack support for Windows' long paths.
    In that case there's a message reading "Git has been deactivated due to missing long path support.".
    You are welcome to contact us at for further help.


    Would be a great feature to have but doesn't function beyond install and there is no documentation.

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    Gepostet am

  3. Missing manual or description
    I am glad codesys will be getting a git support. This could improve the versioning in our company. I tried version and installation worked fine. But after I couldn't go any further. The function bar menu "git" was implemented, but all lines in the menu kept being greyed out. Maybe I missed something in the setup or there are some not listed requirements to the Project, preinstalled git versions etc. I tried it several times in different constellations, but couldn't get it running. This version seems to be not yet completely ready.

    Bericht von

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  4. Missing operation description
    Review by CODESYS Support - Posted on 10/13/21

    Dear customer,
    please check the messages in your CODESYS IDE for errors from the Git AddOn.
    Some brandlabeled CODESYS variants lack support for Windows' long paths.
    In that case there's a message reading "Git has been deactivated due to missing long path support.".
    You are welcome to contact us at store-support@codesys.comfor further help.


    Installing the package worked fine and "Git" appeared in the the function bar. But what ever I tried, all lines under "Git" stayed greyed out. I am not sure, if I missed a step in the project preparation for git use, left out some configuration in codesys or just had a bad preinstalled constellation (old Codesys versions, other git installation). I tried several combinations of different installation orders, deinstalling other programs, using different projects etc., but couldn't find a solution.

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  5. I would wait for the next version of the package... (not
    Review by CODESYS Support - Posted on 10/13/21

    Dear customer,
    we consider opening a local repository for future versions. Regarding your branching issues please contact us at Some of those errors might already be fixed with the upcoming version, as we're constantly evolving the product.


    Missing some features like you can't connect to an existing local repository. You can only clone a remote repo or initialize a new local.
    In addition, after migrating a project from SVN to GIT, creating a branch, and switching to it, the switch failed.
    Codesys itself advised me to close the project without saving it, reopening it and switching the branch again. Tried it and it failed again.

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  6. excellent!
    Review by CODESYS Support - Posted on 10/13/21

    Dear customer, thank you for your elaborate tutorial!


    Read my blog about CODESYS Git v1.0.0.0

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