Dweet Pro Library SL

This is an unofficial library for use with the dweet.io and dweetpro.io service. It’s developed to use with the main features as sending and receiving dweets. The library supports a secure connection between the service and the PLC controller. TLS encrypts all traffic. The dweet service also offers the opportunity to protect your “Thing” with a secret key.
Without purchasing a license (just download), the Dweet Library SL runs for 30 minutes without functional limitations and disconnects automatically (demo).

50,00 € zzgl. MwSt

Dweet Pro Library SL

Dweet Pro Library SL

With this library, you can start your IoT Project within minutes. You can send your data from the field to the cloud or request it. There is no 3rd Party software installation required. The communication is directly established with the Dweet Pro or Dweet Service; both are acting as a cloud gateway.

Each PLC needs to be registered as a “Thing”. So it’s possible to communicate with different “Things”, no matter if it’s a PLC or other device. Data is exchanged in the open-standard format JSON. So you can integrate the data easily to existing software products.

The product is coming along with a detailed documentation and a Quick-start guide (https://pfaendergmbh.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/Dweet/overview). So you can start to use this library together with the dweet service within a really short time. The library can be tested without any fees!  

Features and Use-Cases

Establish an industry secure connection between your PLC and the dweet Pro cloud service with TLS. The whole data connection from your PLC to the dweet service is completely encrypted.

There are several options, to configure alerts directly in the cloud. Set Real-time notifications that keep you informed. It’s possible to set up E-Mail alerts directly from the Dweet Pro Cloud. Data can also be used to configure SMS or text-to-speech messages from another cloud providers.

Store data up to one month, without the need of physical storage.

Use cloud services to visualise your data or build it by your own. Connect quickly to freeboard.io and create a cloud visualisation within minutes.

Communicate with devices in different locations.

For data exchange, the open-standard JSON format is used.


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.11.0

Target System

CODESYS Control V3.5.11.0

Supported Platforms / Devices

Tested devices: CODESYS Control Win V3 32 Bit, Raspberry Pi

The library can be tested without any restrictions for 30 minutes. It should work on all devices, which supports the SysSocket2 library.

Additional Requirements

A registered “Thing” at dweet or dweet pro.


See documentation section


License activation optional on CODESYS Runtime Key or CODESYS Softcontainer

Required Accessory

Dweet is not a service, which is provided by Pfänder GmbH. Bug Labs provide the service; the official product side is reachable by following this link: https://dweetpro.io


Pfänder GmbH
Bachstr. 15
74585 Rot am See


Tel: +49 7958 98000


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