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You are on this page, so you probably know that writing a PLC code that gets the job done, is sometimes not really super complicated.

You are also probably aware that customers tend to change their minds quite frequently about the PLC design and the system algorithm.


If that's the case, then you are definitely aware that changing a complicated algorithm written in Ladder Logic or even CFC languages is not that of an easy task. Especially when dependencies in your code are high. Well, that is what we call a Spaghetti Code. It is a code, that basically gets the job done. But it lacks all the extend. Here I am presenting you a solution, a way to elevate above the masters of PLC programmers.


Learning Pattern-based programming is like designing a puzzle-based design, where you design individual code pieces and fit them together to create a powerful PLC software infrastructure.


We will first start the design by creating unit functions, building them up to components that form the machines in the production line. And finally the controller. Modifying any piece of these would be so easy that you won't have to scratch your head for hours trying to figure out how to modify your algorithm or even worse deleting the whole thing. We all been there once!

This knowledge can be applied to any PLC and any platform, be it CODESYS, Tia portal, Beckhoff or any brand that supports the following languages:

  • CFC
  • Structured Text

You are going to master a very famous design pattern including extensive hands-on Structured text and CFC.


I hope to see you all in there



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Munich | Germany

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