Softmotion Robotics HMI Example

This sample project demonstrates some of the different features available in SoftMotion Robotics. This project also includes a visualization and a Depictor object to visualize the movements. The project supports up to 6 axes.

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Softmotion Robotics HMI Example

Softmotion Robotics HMI Example

With the sample project ‘SoftMotion Robotics HMI Example’, the users can configure an axis group (in the project) with any kinematics supported by CODESYS and control the axis group (from the visualization) either manually by jogging the axes or automatically by programming the movements. Also the robot’s movement can be visualized in 3D making use of the Depictor object configured inside the project.

Programming System CODESYS Development System Version or higher Softmotion Version or higher Depictor Version or higher
Runtime System -
Supported Platforms/ Devices

Can be executed with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Embedded (32 / 64 bit) with single or multi core CPUs

Note: Use the project “Device Reader” to find out the supported features of your device. “Device Reader” is available for free in the CODESYS Store.

Additional Requirements -
Restrictions -
Licensing -
Required Accessories -

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