PiXtend V2 Professional for CODESYS

PiXtend V2 is a control system (PLC) based on the Raspberry Pi computer; it is developed and distributed by the company Qube Solutions GmbH in Germany.
This package contains CODESYS device drivers, example programs and documentation for the usage of PiXtend V2 in CODESYS.

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PiXtend V2 Professional for CODESYS

PiXtend V2 Professional for CODESYS

PiXtend is a programmable logic controller (PLC) based on the powerful Raspberry Pi single board
computer. It‘s numerous digital and analog inputs and outputs allow connections to a wide range of sensors and actuators found in industrial applications and in the Maker scene.
The connection to other devices, controls and computer systems is established via standard serial interfaces (RS232/RS485, Ethernet, WiFi and CAN-Bus).
All interfaces and I/Os have a robust design and comply with the PLC standard (IEC 61131-2).

Possible applications:

  • Evaluation platform for Internet of Things, Industry 4.0
  • Building Devices and Appliances
  • Consumer device development
  • Circuitry und software techniques
  • Learning and teaching platform for control systems
  • Home-Automation
  • Prototyping for laboratory and evaluation environments


PiXtend V2 is an ideal platform for automation, control and monitoring tasks as well as for teaching purposes.


The professional software libraries for the PiXtend V2, designed by Qube Solutions GmbH, are easy to recognize in the device selection by the blue "Q". When the device is highlighted in CODESYS, an image of the device is displayed next to the description. If the device has been added to the SPI master, the user can change the configuration of PiXtend V2 via the Parameters and the I/O mapping section as well as influence its states, e.g. turn digital outputs on and off.

All parameters and I/O's of the PiXtend V2 software library are provided with comments and hints in order to offer the user quick assistance directly within CODESYS itself. In addition, Qube Solutions GmbH has developed a technology, the Cycle Guard, which prevents the user from unwanted behavior if the cycle time setting is incorrect.

This makes Qube Solutions GmbH, among the CODESYS control manufacturers, the world's first manufacturer to use and support the CODESYS driver architecture to this extent.


The PiXtend V2 Professional for CODESYS Package is not compatible with PiXtend V1.x.


Programming system

CODESYS Development System
Version or higher

Target system

CODESYS Control Version

Supported Platforms / Devices

- PiXtend V2 -S- Hardware Rev. 2.1 with microcontroller firmware 4, Raspberry Pi Model B+ / 2B / 3B / 3 B+


- PiXtend V2 -L- Hardware Rev. 2.1 with microcontroller firmware 1, Raspberry Pi Model B+ / 2B / 3B / 3 B+


- Not compatible with PiXtend V1.x


Notice: Use the project ‘Device Reader’ to find out the supported features of your device. ‘Device Reader’ is available for free in the CODESYS Store.

Additional requirements

CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi – Version



Version history

Version Release Notes Release date

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