JSON Utilities

With the ‘JSON Utilities’ library, data can be read and written in JSON format from a CODESYS controller.

(A 7 day demo license is available for testing.)

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JSON Utilities

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JSON Utilities

The ‘JSON Utilities’ library provides the following functionalities:

  • Read JSON files (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
  • Read JSON byte arrays
  • Write JSON files (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
  • Read JSON byte arrays
  • Search for keys, values, and child and parent elements

The data is stored in an array of structures. Data access and element search is performed by means of methods from the JSONData function block. The function blocks JSONByteArrayReader and JSONFileReader read data in JSON format and save the values in the JSONData function block. Writing files and byte arrays is performed by means of the function blocks JSONFileWriter and JSONByteArrayWriter.

A simple REST client can be implemented easily in connection with the library ‘Web Client’ (available in the CODESYS Store).

Programming System CODESYS Development System V3.5.14.0
Runtime System CODESYS Control V3.5.14.0
Supported Platforms/ Devices Note: Use the project “Device Reader” to find out the supported features of your device. “Device Reader” is available for free in the CODESYS Store.
Additional Requirements -
Restrictions -
Licensing Workstation license
Required Accessories CODESYS Security Key for CODESYS <

Version history

Version Release Notes Release Date


  • Consistency check when adding items


Bugfix version

  • Reloading files in a JSONData instance


Bugfix version

New Features:
  • Performance tuning
  • Updated visualization

Min. CODESYS version:
New Features:
  • Licensing without dongle
  • New method to cleanup the container
  • New method to round LREAL values

New Features:
  • Optimized write performance

New Features:
  • Bugfixes
  • JSON Writer: Support of files > 32k

24.04.2018 Changed structure 'JSONValue': Support of LINT and LREAL values 12.07.2017 Minimum CODESYS version V3.5.9.0 10.10.2016

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