Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CODESYS Store?
The CODESYS Store is an online marketplace for the marketing of CODESYS content, from the CODESYS GmbH and third party providers.

CODESYS Store offer

How does a purchase work?
The CODESYS Store is an online market place which offers payable and free CODESYS add-ons. The CODESYS Store includes products developed by the CODESYS GmbH and third-party suppliers.

Order process

After the registration you can download and use the offered software. The charged products are only available in a time limited demo version at this time. With the purchase you will immediately receive a license key by e-mail to the deposited e-mail address and stored in parallel in your store account at "My orders / view orders". When the license key is activated in the product, the demo vision of the product is converted into an unlimited full version.

How does payment in the CODESYS Store work?
Online payments have now become a matter of course. Therefore, new concepts are constantly being developed to make payment safer. Two of them are called Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). From 14 September 2019, the EU directive will require the use of strong customer authentication. Authentication is carried out whenever the customer accesses his payment account online or triggers an electronic payment. This is also the case when shopping in the CODESYS Store and is ensured by an add-on of the payment service provider. Please therefore always have devices ready for authentication before placing an order (e.g. TAN generator, online password or mobile phone), as otherwise delays or even cancellation of a purchase may occur. 

Please contact your bank to learn more about the new possibilities of your payment account and the associated payment methods, such as credit card or PayPal.

Why are there two registration options, private and business?

Tax law is a very complex issue. So here is just a simple explanation to help you understand. The distinction between private and business is necessary for tax reasons. Private customers are those for whom the sales tax must be shown and calculated in the product. These are private and commercial end customers. Business customers can claim the paid sales tax for tax purposes and are therefore also (mostly) exempt from sales tax when purchasing in the CODESYS Store. 

What can I do if my registration in the CODESYS Store is not possible?

If your registration in the CODESYS Store is not possible, it may be due to your browser and its security settings. The following measures may be helpful:

  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser.
  • Check whether the security settings of your browser allow the registration and use of the CODESYS Store. In general, Java Script and access to the Google service must be possible. 
  • If you are unsure yourself, please contact your IT department.


What can I do if my registration is rejected?

In order to make the registration process as quick as possible for customers, the data entered is automatically checked during registration (see data privacy). The automated check can fail for a variety of reasons. Therefore, in the next step you can always submit the checked data for manual checking by pressing the button "Manual Check & Submit" at the bottom right. The data to be checked is grayed out and cannot be changed in this step. Immediately after the submission the customer account is created and a download is possible. Orders need to wait for a manual confirmation of the account.

Why do I need a VAT ID or an entrepreneur certificate as a business customer?

In order to comply with the legal requirements and to determine the place of taxation, we require an entrepreneurial certificate from the company or permanent establishment of the respective country for which the CODESYS Store is actually active. The business certificate must be written and certified in English. For companies in the EU, the procedure is simplified for tax purposes and it is sufficient to state the correct VAT identification number.

Only if you as an entrepreneur submit a valid entrepreneur certificate or VAT ID number can you benefit from the tax advantages for entrepreneurs. Otherwise, the CODESYS Store must treat the registration in the sense of turnover tax as a private person and carry out the turnover tax regularly in Germany. 

What kinds of products can I find in the CODESYS Store?

The CODESYS Store offers plug-ins, libraries, runtime systems, device descriptions and free example projects.

Where do I find more technical details?
Please visit the webbased CODESYS Online Help:

Why are some products marked as "free"?
Products marked as "free" are example projects or software with no costs and do not require a license.

How can I get the products offered in the CODESYS Store?
Once you have registered and logged in to the CODESYS Store you can immediately download and install the software offered in the store. The chargeable products require a license and can only be used after purchasing a license.

How can I resolve a potential download issue?
There are two possible issues, which you could observe on pressing a download button:

  1. You expect more than one downloadThis is an issue of your browser.
    Modern browsers do inhibit multiple downloads at once, which is used by the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition. Please deactivate the security setting for the CODESYS Store page.
  2. You expect a different download packageFor some products there is only one download package stored.
    The different features in this package are controlled via different license keys. For example:
    CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi has only one download package which contains the demo version, the full version and the multicore version.
    Without a license key the package works in the demo mode (2h).
    With the full license the package works in the full mode (no time limit).
    With the multicore license the package works in the full mode with multicore support (no time limit).


Do I need a license for the products offered in the CODESYS Store?
Yes, some products require a license. Only the products marked as “Free!” do not require a license.

What kinds of licenses are sold in the CODESYS Store?
The CODESYS Store offers workstation licenses and single device licenses ("SL" products).You can find more about the differences on the CODESYS Webpage.

How can I buy a license in the CODESYS Store?
The required product licenses can be purchased by putting the product to the shopping cart and proceeding the purchase. When you order a license a ticket number is sent along with the order confirmation.

What do I do with a license number?
The license number is a 25-digit number which is needed to activate the licenses purchased in the CODESYS Store. The activation can be done directly in CODESYS via the License Manager or via the CODESYS License Central - an online platform under

What should I pay attention to before starting the installation of a package (=Package Installation Mode)?
Before installing the software, please make sure having administrator rights on your computer and running CODESYS with administrator rights.

In which directory are the sample projects installed? 
During installation, the default installation path is displayed, which can also be changed. Sample projects are saved by default under C:\Username\CODESYS Examples. 

Is there a demo license for the software?
In some cases there is a demo license. The software itself is usually available in full functionality, but its use is limited to a certain number of days. A dongle may be required to use the demo license. The demo license can only be activated once per installation.

What is a CODESYS Key?
The CODESYS Key is a USB dongle on which up to 4,000 licenses can be stored. The dongle is available in the CODESYS Store. If licenses are stored on the soft container of a controller and the controller must be replaced, new licenses for this controller must also be purchased. With a CODESYS key, the license on the CODESYS key is retained.

 Which CODESYS version is supported?
All products are only available for version 3. The exact system requirements for each product can be found on the respective product page under the "System requirements" tab.

 Are products for CODESYS V2 also available?

How can I get information on products, prices and technical issues?
Please fill out the form „My question“. No registration in the CODESYS Store is required. You only need to enter your e-mail address.
When completing the form, please note:

  • Describe your question briefly under "Title".
  • Under "Details" please give us all relevant information about your request such as:
    • Version of your CODESYS development environment
    • Version of your operating system
    • Process type of your target system
    • CODESYS project archive (as an attachment, not just the CODESYS project!)
    • Steps to repeat
  • Under "Department", please choose from the two options:
    • Sales: For product and price questions
    • General Bug Support: For technical messages

After sending your message you will receive an e-mail requesting confirmation of your e-mail address. Upon confirmation of your e-mail address, your message will be processed. If you already have a customer account with the e-mail address you provided, your request will be automatically assigned to your customer account and managed in the "Support Tickets" section. If we identify a product defect, you will receive further free CODESYS support to solve the problem.

How do I get CODESYS Support?

For the CODESYS support you need the CODESYS Store customer account which you also use to purchase the CODESYS products.


Open CODESYS Support Ticket

Screenshot: Open CODESYS Support Ticket


CODESYS Store products are divided into two support categories:

1. CODESYS products with CODESYS Support Ticket Option

These products do not include CODESYS support authorization. By purchasing a CODESYS Support Ticket, the product becomes the CODESYS Store product with support portion (see 2.).

In your customer account you can ask for a new support request after purchasing the CODESYS Support Ticket.

Step 1: Sign in

Step 2: My orders

Step 3: View Order

Step 4: CODESYS Support Ticket

Step 5: Open the ticket now

Please provide the following information with the opening of the ticket to ensure efficient support:

- Priority

- Subject

- Message with:

> Version of your CODESYS development environment

> Version of your operating system

> Process type of your target system

> Steps to repeat

> CODESYS project archive (as an attachment, not just the CODESYS project!)

> Product name


CODESYS Support Ticket content

Screenshot: CODESYS Support Ticket content


2. CODESYS Store products with Support Ticket

These products included with the purchase already a support ticket right, as can be seen under the support tab of each product.

In your customer account, you can directly request a new support request for this product without further purchase.

Step 1: Sign in

Step 2: My orders

Step 3: View Order

Step 4: Your Available Support Tickets

Step 5: Open the ticket now


Please provide the following information with the opening of the ticket to ensure efficient support:

- Priority

- Subject

- Message with:

> Version of your CODESYS development environment

> Version of your operating system

> Process type of your target system

> Steps to repeat

> CODESYS repository (as an investment, not just the CODESYS project!)


After you have opened the ticket:

- The contact to the CODESYS support is primarily via the ticket system or e-mail, but after consultation of CODESYS support is also possible via telephone or remote access.

- In the account at "support ticket" You can edit the ticket and read older inquiries.


CODESYS Support Ticket list

Screenshot: CODESYS Support Ticket list


How do I get support as a device manufacturer when developing my controller?
If you have bought a CODESYS Runtime Toolkit, please refer to your personal contact at the CODESYS GmbH.
Please note: The purchase of a CODESYS Support Ticket is not necessary. Processing is not carried out via the ticket system of the CODESYS Store.

How can I become a third party supplier?

Basic informationen can be downloaded with the CODESYS Third Party Starter Package.