CODESYS Technology Day 2023 (face-to-face on-site event)

Wednesday, 10 May 2023, 09.00 – 17.00 h, kultBOX, Kempten/Germany

The event of the year 2023 for all those dealing with CODESYS. Here you will learn everything that is currently important regarding the market-leading automation software CODESYS - and where the journey will take us in the coming years. For more information on the topics covered, please refer to the event agenda. Participation in the event is free of charge. Please note: Cancellations at short notice or no-shows will incur a processing fee.

Wednesday May 10, 2023 (09:00 CEST) - Wednesday May 10, 2023 (17:00 CEST)
kultBOX Kempten, Kotterner Str. 64, 87435 Kempten (Allgäu) / Germany
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Product Description

The CODESYS Technology Day is the must-attend event for all those dealing with CODESYS – Users, device manufacturers, students and teachers, system integrators, machine and plant builders, trade journalists, operators, makers or simply fans. The agenda includes the latest technology topics such as Virtual PLC and Soft Safety. Well-known industry representatives will give keynotes. CODESYS partners will show real applications. At information booths on various CODESYS product areas, you can exchange your ideas with CODESYS experts.

Event language is German, with simultaneous translation into English. The event will start at 09:00 and end at approximately 17:00. The conference package includes coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon, as well as lunch.


  • Edge Cloud for Production | Keynote by Dr. Henning Löser, Senior Innovation Manager, Audi AG
    Virtualization and hosting of controllers on a “hyper-converged infrastructure” – doesn’t that contradict the philosophy of I4.0 and decentralized intelligence? Not at all, says Dr. Löser.
  • Next Generation Industrial Controls | Andreas Kehrer, Product Manager, Domenik Vögel, Product Marketing at the CODESYS Group
    The merging of the OT and IT worlds is in full swing. The highlight: With virtual controls, any number of control instances can be operated on practically any hardware. With safety certification!
  • The fusion of virtuality and reality | Martin Decker, Product Manager at the CODESYS Group
    How can we master and oversee the merging of the real and virtual worlds? Where between cloud and on-premises does the future lie? A reflection on intriguing questions that move all of us.
  • CODESYS goes cloud! | Kevin Ketterle, Head of Core Technology at the CODESYS Group
    What are the advantages of a cloud-based development environment? How does a new project format help to better integrate CODESYS into CI/CD pipelines? How does this new development integrate into the existing, proven software landscape?
  • 50 Shades of CODESYS | Bernhard Reiter, Product Manager at the CODESYS Group
    The modularization of CODESYS has brought profound changes. The features now consist of separate add-ons that are managed and installed with the CODESYS Installer. What was the outcome so far? And where are we going next?
  • Machine simulation with CODESYS applications ‘in-the-loop’ | Ulf Schünemann, Research Coordinator at the CODESYS Group
    With the new CODESYS Simulation Interface, it is very easy to connect PLC applications to a machine simulation. How exactly does working with such a digital twin work? And what are the actual advantages?
  • CODESYS reaches space | Johannes Siegle, Project Manager, and Marc Gruber, Managing Director mrm2 Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
    A small step for mrm2 , but a giant leap for automation: Resourceful engineers from mrm2 used CODESYS to automate the production of launch vehicles for satellites and their outer casings. What role does CODESYS play in this?
  • CODESYS: the right foundation. | Christian Röbert, Technical Manager, REINHOLZ Software & Technology GmbH
    Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau GmbH employs CODESYS for the Atlas pile foundation method used in foundation construction. What makes CODESYS so valuable for this application?
  • Drilling virtual holes underground | Christoph Schneider, Managing Director, and Marcel Seffer, Development Manager CODESYS Plug-ins, 3S Systems GmbH
    CODESYS in strip mining: The mining process is simulated and can thus be tested in the real control program. How? Quite simply, by visualizing the machines with the aid of the CODESYS Depictor.
  • Modular Applications at Liebherr Mischtechnik | Wolfgang Doll, Expert Application at the CODESYS Group
    Liebherr Mischtechnik takes advantage of the modularity of CODESYS: The control software for numerous devices is created from existing modules – in a very short time and with a minimum of manpower.
  • CNC machine with CODESYS: a productive combination! | Roland Wagner, Head of Product Marketing and Bruno Frajda, Janitor at the CODESYS Group
    What happens when the CODESYS Group janitor sets his mind on using CODESYS to produce something really useful? Find out live at the CODESYS Technology Day in Kempten. Only this much: You can take the result home with you.
  • Modularized serial machines – implemented in the field | Keynote by Dr. Jochen Wendebaum, Global Control System Engineering Manager at Packsize Technologies AB
    With CODESYS, Packsize implements serial machines without programming. “Today, we no longer develop machines, but modules,” says Dr. Jochen Wendebaum. Is this the solution towards an efficient future? And what role do virtual controllers play in this?

Infopoints with CODESYS experts on the following product areas

  • Motion CNC Robotics

  • Visualization

  • Runtime & Security

  • Fieldbus & Communication

  • Safety

  • Engineering & Professional Developer Edition

  • Support & SL-SoftPLC & Store products

  • Automation Server & CODESYS Go!

  • Keynote presentation: Edge Cloud for Production - Virtualization of IT hardware components in production

  • Virtualization of the PLC

  • Web-based management of the control network

  • CODESYS goes www

  • The modularization of CODESYS

  • Simulation of machines and plants

  • CODESYS in real use - presentation of industrial applications

Participation fee

Participation in the event is free of charge. If you are registered but against all expectations cannot come, please cancel your registration by May 2, 2023 at the latest by sending an email to If you cancel later than this date or not at all, we will charge you an administrative fee of 65 €.

Deadline for registration

Deadline for registration is 28 April 2023.

The number of participants is limited. The available places will be allocated according to the order in which registrations are received. CODESYS GmbH reserves the right to cancel the event at short notice in the event of a lack of participants.

Should the event have to be cancelled due to pandemic-related legal requirements, CODESYS Group will not reimburse any costs incurred as a result of your planned participation, e. g. hotel rooms or travel.

Data privacy

Due to the legal provisions on data protection, we draw your attention to the following facts: With your registration, you agree that we may send you information about the CODESYS Technology Day by email or, if applicable, by telephone. As part of the CODESYS Technology Day, we will take photographs and video recordings in which participants of the event may also be shown. These recordings will be published on our website and used for press releases. If you do not agree to this for your person, please let us know.


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