CODESYS Academy Training V3 SoftMotion

Organizer / Trainer: CODESYS GmbH / Ralph Holz

Place of event: CODESYS GmbH, Memminger Str. 151, 87439 Kempten

Date of event: 06.09.2022 - 08.09.2022

Time: Daily: 8:30 - 16:30 (time zone: Berlin)

Language: DE

This training leads into the different aspects of CODESYS V3 SoftMotion. Target group are people who want to create or maintain SoftMotion applications.

Available: 5 of 9
Tuesday Sep 6, 2022 (08:30 CEST) - Thursday Sep 8, 2022 (16:30 CEST)
Memminger Straße 151, 87439 Kempten
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Product Description

A course from the CODESYS Academy Series. An Original Training by the CODESYS manufacturer.

The training is held by a trainer online. A virtual desktop is available to each participant for exercises. This desktop can be accessed with a browser, allowing the trainer to look over the shoulder of the participants and provide individual support.

The training participant gains knowledge of the following aspects of CODESYS V3 SoftMotion:

  • Basic:
    • Configuration

    • Single axis movements

    • PLC-Open behaviour model

    • Visualisation templates

    • Diagnosis

    • Gearing

  • CAM:
    • CAM Editor

    • Executing the cam definition

  • CNC:
    • CNC editor

    • G-Code

    • Web pre-processing in the editor

    • interpolation

    • Axle access

    • Web pre-processing in the application

  • Robotics
    • Configuration of the axis group

    • Kinematic jogging

    • Axis group movements

    • Motion transitions

    • Tracking


Programming System

CODESYS Development System Version 3

Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices


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Required Accessories


Venue CODESYS GmbH - Memminger Straße 151, 87439 Kempten



A member of the CODESYS Group

Memminger Straße 151
D-87439 Kempten

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