E-learning Training Course CODESYS V3

This course is available on BE.educated® and has been taken by hundreds of engineers. It is certified by PLCopen for IEC 61131-3.

Access granted for 12 months or until completion.

Preview video (set to HD quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en2flUXnO0Q. 

Free module (set to HD quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hCgBHjK110&t=510s

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E-learning Training Course CODESYS V3

E-learning Training Course CODESYS V3

This online course covers all aspects of the IEC 61131-3 norm as well as the basics of the CODESYS V3 development system. It is available on BE.educated®:  www.be-educated.net.

BE.educated® is the e-learning platform for professional industrial automation software tools. The Learning Management System offers a modern, hardware, time and place independent learning environment.

More information about BE.educated® can be found here: https://be-educated.be-services.com/en/


E-learning offers many advantages compared to traditional or online live training methods, including costs reduction, time optimization and continuous access to the courses.

The CODESYS Basic Training Course is composed of 47 single modules covering the IEC 61131-3 norm and the basics of the CODESYS V3 development system. It targets engineers wanting to learn IEC 61131-3 and/or CODESYS V3.


List of topics:
1. Introduction
2. Language Editors
3. Project Structure
4. Visualization
5. Communication
6. Monitoring and Debugging

Language: English

Duration: About 45 hours

Certification: PLCopen

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Steps to follow after having received your registration key(s):
1. Go to www.be-educated.net
2. Click “enroll”
3. Enter your enrollment key
4. Fill-in the required information
5. You are ready to learn

If you have any question or comment, please do not hesitate to contact support@be-educated.net


BE.services GmbH
Heisinger Straße 12 | 87437 Kempten | Germany


2 Review(s)

good e-learning for different experience-levels Review by Robert
When I decided to enroll in this course i already had some basic experience with motion control in general and motion control with codesys in particular. The first topics cover the very basics of motion control so even participants with no prior knowledge should not have difficulties following them.
The content ist easy to follow as it is presented in a calm way and the platform gives you the opportunity to watch the videos multiple times - as long as you have not completed the quiz for that topic.
After completing the whole e-learning you get access to a pdf that contains the slides shown in the videos. I would have liked a feature to rewatch the videos themselves even after completing the quizzes, as some interesting facts that are told to you are not written on the slides. As of now it is unfortunately not possible to do that.
I would recommend that course for everyone that doesn't have the time or will to endlessly tinker around with the documentation for the SM3Basic library and learn the topic by trial and error. (Posted on 05/08/2020)
High quality course Review by Dimitri
Both the content and the environment are perfect to learn how to use CODESYS. (Posted on 21/11/2019)

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