E-learning - CODESYS V3 and Raspberry Pi

This is a theoretical and practical spanish language course where the participants, once finished, will be familiar with the CODESYS platform and will be able to use it to carry out real automation and home automation projects. The course uses Raspberry Pi and CODESYS simulator as educative platforms. Users have access to an online platform where they have contents like videos and exams, and access to a teacher they can ask freely. We make several editions of the online trainings each year.

Possible starting dates for a booked training:

1st Edition: February 3rd / 2nd Edition: September 7th

How to get access: The link and credentials to access the online platform will be sent to you by email  from Opiron Electronics S.AS.after purchasing the product.

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E-learning - CODESYS V3 and Raspberry Pi

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330,00 € zzgl. MwSt

E-learning - CODESYS V3 and Raspberry Pi

Module 1: Introduction to CODESYS®

1. Introduction to industrial automation

An introduction to industrial automation, reviewing fundamental hardware and software concepts such as PLC's, RTU's, DCS's among others.

2. Introduction to the IEC 61131-3 standard

Presentation of the IEC 61131-3 standard. In this section we will review the organizational structure at the software level of PLC's based on the IEC 61131 standard, such as POUs, programming languages or data types.

3. Introduction to CODESYS®

Introduction to the CODESYS® environment. A complete description of the environment will be made, in addition to presenting the different functionalities and available versions.

4. CODESYS® Programming

Unit in which the most important instructions and functions for programming are presented.

 5. Automation and visualization 

Section to carry out automation projects based on functional descriptions. The concept of visualization is introduced, where you learn to program HMI's.

 6. Projects

Unit in which the first module is closed by means of a process automation project based on a real case of process industry.


Module 2: Raspberry Pi and CODESYS

7.  Industrial Perspective of Raspberry Pi

Introduction for Raspberry Pi users and users of industrial automation to home automation applications and CODESYS.

8. CODESYS, SoftPLC's and Runtimes.

Presentation of the softplc's and how to use the CODESYS® runtime on Raspberry Pi

9. Industrial programming with Raspberry Pi

In this unit, industrial programming concepts are given to program on a Raspberry Pi board (interaction with hardware in real time). Examples in Ladder and ST.

10. Hardware interaction

In this other unit you will integrate hardware of all kinds (sensors, actuators, webcam's, etc.) with a Raspberry Pi. The concepts of input / output mapping will be learned in order to be integrated into an automation programming environment.

11.  HMI interfaces on PC and Mobile Phone

Once seen all the above, you will learn to design interfaces that can work on PC and smartphone.

12.   CODESYS® applications with Raspberry Pi

Review of applications that can be designed in home automation, automation, etc.


(The training (access) lasts 2 months, 60 days.)


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A very good course ! Bewertung von Jose Antonio Osuna Cortes
I am very happy to have done this course. The lessons are very complete and are complemented with videos and step-by-step instructions (learning by doing course). The practices are very varied and have allowed me to learn how to program in CODESYS, create visual HMI screens and interfaces, map the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi, and build a PLC with them.
Highly recommended ! (Veröffentlicht am 09.07.19)
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