CODESYS Test Manager

The CODESYS Test Manager enables the programming and execution of automated tests of applications and libraries developed with CODESYS (32/64 Bit).

Der CODESYS Test Manager is part of the tool bundle CODESYS Professional Developer Edition.

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CODESYS Test Manager

CODESYS Test Manager

The CODESYS Test Manager allows the programming and execution of automated tests, above all of applications and libraries developed with CODESYS. This applies both for 32- and 64-bit variants.

The CODESYS Test Manager is the central component for test automation and management and it serves most primarily for the test of applications and libraries.

The CODESYS Test Manager supports tests of the following objects * Application * IEC libraries * Communication

Programming System CODESYS Development System V3.5.5.0 or higher
Runtime System CODESYS Control V3.5.5.0 or higher
Supported Platforms/ Devices -
Additional Requirements Subscription of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition.
Restrictions 64 bit support with version and higher

The following licenses are available:

  • Demo license: Time limited usage
  • Subscription license: Time limited usage

The following licensing options are supported:

  • CODESYS Softcontainer, with CODESYS Development System SP 13

    (Workplace-bound licensing, free part of all CODESYS products) CODESYS Security Key

  • Optional: CODESYS Security Key

    (Increased security against loss of license keys, transferable licensing to other workstations)

Required accessories Optional: CODESYS Security Key

Version history

Version Release note
Release date

New features and improvements within CODESYS Test Manager V4.3.0.0

Basic debugging support for test scripts

  1. The “Test progress” window has been revamped to offer debug functionality for a test script:
    • Debug controls to abort, halt, single step and continue the test script execution
    • Display of the current scope’s variables
    • Display of occured errors (double click jumps to the error site, Strg+C copies error message)
    • Debug mode to automatically break on errors (such as failed test actions) and breakpoints
    • Display of test script elements “Assignment” and “Choose”
    • Display of commented-out elements

  2. On the test script editor side the following improvements have been added:
    • A new command “Debug test script” to run a script in debug mode. Only in debug mode breakpoints, “halt on error” and out-commented elements are considered.
    • Before test execution breakpoints can be set and activated/deactivated (only in debug mode, normal test execution is not affected).
    • Before test execution test elements can be commented out (only in debug mode, normal test execution is not affected).

IEC Unit Test

  • Test categories and functions now can not only be excluded from test execution (blacklisting), but also explicitly included (whitelisting) in order to run just a small subset of tests.
  • Test categories and functions now can be specified as variable {placeholder} and as a CSV list providing a more dynamic configuration.

Test script versioning

  • A test script can now be “pinned” from within the editor: A pinned test script is guaranteed to be unchanged by checksum. This enables review workflows on test scripts.
  • Test reports now contain a list of effectively called test script versions including the “pinned” state.


Support of Softcontainer licensing (no Dongle needed)

Interoperability fix

  • The test progress bar is visible also with versions of the CODESYS Developemnt System and higher.

19.07.2018 - 14.05.2018

CODESYS TestManager is a bug-fix release.
It contains fixes to stabilize testruns.


CODESYS TestManager is a bug-fix release. It contains fixes of major-bugs for UnitTests and TestTables.

14.09.2017 - 25.07.2017 - 03.11.2016

3 Review(s)

crash Review by kk
memory leak, crash, if a lot of test cases running
base class of multitest not easy to use.
no assert functions as other test framework (Posted on 19/03/2019)
Rating of Test Manager Review by Afrim
Not enough functions (Posted on 16/01/2019)
[Answer from 3S-Smart Software Solutions: Dear Afrim,

thank you very much for your feedback. We are constantly increasing the number of functions of the CODESYS Test Manager. We hope that the missing functionality will be available soon.

Yours sincerely

Your CODESYS Store Team
Works perfect Review by Tim van Heijst
Very easy and straighforward
Takes some time to prepare, but after it is prepared it saves a lot of test time.
Also helps you to set-up the application correctly (Test driven development). (Posted on 09/06/2015)

This product includes a CODESYS Support Ticket, i. e. 1 hour support is included in the purchase price.

More details can be found in the CODESYS Store product CODESYS Support Ticket.

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Memminger Straße 151

87439 Kempten


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