CODESYS SoftMotion ist eine Zusatzoption für CODESYS-kompatible SoftSPS-Systeme und Steuerungsgeräte. CODESYS SoftMotion erweitert den Funktionsumfang von der reinen Logik- zur Bewegungssteuerung für komplexe Bewegungen mit koordinierten Achsen.

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CODESYS SoftMotion ermöglicht die Steuerung einachsiger sowie koordinierter, mehrachsiger Verfahrbewegungen auf geeigneten CODESYS-kompatiblen Steuerungssystemen, wie z. B. Master-Slave-Funktionen, Kurvenscheiben etc.

  • Projektierung der Bewegung mit Hilfe von Bausteinen einer umfangreichen Funktionsbibliothek
  • Konfiguration der angesteuerten Antriebe mit der im CODESYS Development System integrierten Feldbusunterstützung
  • Entkopplung der Applikationserstellung von der verwendeten Hardware durch Abstraktion der Antriebe über deren Namen im Gerätebaum
  • Bei Bedarf Bewegungsplanung mit Kurvenscheiben-Editor
  • Abarbeitung der Bewegung vom IEC 61131-3-Laufzeitsystem zusammen mit der Logikapplikation auf der Steuerung

Typische Einsatzfälle von CODESYS SoftMotion:
  • Als Zusatzoption zu leistungsgerechten CODESYS-kompatiblen Steuerungssystemen mit hartem Echtzeitverhalten (FPU empfohlen)
  • Ansteuerung ein- oder mehrachsiger Verfahrbewegungen, z. B. mit Positions- und Geschwindigkeitsvorgaben, Getriebefunktionen oder Phasenansteuerungen
  • Realisierung von Kurvenscheiben oder virtuellen Königswellen

Programmiersystem CODESYS Development System V3.5.9.50 oder höher
Laufzeitsystem CODESYS Control V3.5.5.0 oder höher
Unterstützte Plattformen/ Geräte
Alle von CODESYS unterstützten
  • echtzeitfähigen Betriebssystemplattformen
  • CPU-Plattformen mit verfügbarer FPU (Floating Point Unit)
  • Geräte mit integriertem Feldbus (EtherCAT, CAN/CANopen oder Sercos)

Hinweis: Verwenden Sie das Projekt Device Reader, um die von der Steuerung unterstützten Funktionen zu ermitteln. Device Reader ist kostenlos im CODESYS Store erhältlich.

Zusätzliche Anforderungen WIBU Codemeter Unterstützung
Einschränkungen -
Lizenzierung Lizenzaktivierung optional auf CODESYS Runtime Key oder CODESYS Soft Key (kostenloser Bestandteil der CODESYS Controls)
Erforderliches Zubehör Optional: CODESYS Runtime Key


Version Release Notes
Release date

CODESYS SoftMotion is a quality and bug-fix release. Test coverage has been substantially extended and many problems have been fixed.

Improved blending

  • [SM-1936] Improved blending elements and more accurate planning leads to improved blending when using MC_MoveLinearAbsolute/Relative and MC_MoveCircularAbsolute/Relative.
  • [SM-1775] Better blending at the beginning of a movement-sequence. Trajectory planning is delayed if the second movement of a sequence is not commanded in the same cycle of the bus task. This enables full blending of, for example, a pick and place sequence.

Other improvements

  • [SM-1280] Allow an axis range of more than 360° for axis 1 and 4 of the 6-axis articulated robot (Kin_ArticulatedRobot_6DOF).
  • [SM-1857] Buffered PTP movements (MovementType “Fast”) now show the exact target position of the movement for at least one cycle.
  • [SM-358] New visualization template and function block SMC_StartupAxisGroup for convenient and fast commissioning of axis groups.
  • [SM-1441] Better diagnosis of the axis group: new function block SMC_GroupReadPlanningStatistics.

New supported drive

Support for Yaskawa Sigma 7 series.

Major bug-fixes

  • [SM-1904] Too much vibration in specific movement sequence due to blending of lines with a very sharp angle (175°)
  • [SM-1895] Error SMC_AXIS_LIMIT_VIOLATION in specific movement sequence due to blending of lines with sharp angles (167°)
  • [SM-1925] Potential error SMC_AXIS_LIMIT_VIOLATION when blending between PTP movements and blending is limited by half of the element length
  • [SM-1814] Potiential problems with SDOs of EtherCAT slaves if many slaves are used
  • [SM-1971] SMC_ReadNCFile2 may get stuck (make no progress) if the g-code contains many expressions
  • [SM-1789] Long compile times in projects with a huge expanded library graph due to SoftMotion compile checks
  • [SM-1822] Missing DLL files (GAC assemblys) in package

46 minor bugs have been fixed.


CODESYS SoftMotion is a hotfix release.

It fixes the accident SM-1825, introduced in CODESYS SoftMotion, which may cause problems during installation of the SoftMotion package.


CODESYS SoftMotion is a hotfix release.

It fixes the accident SM-1814, introduced in CODESYS SoftMotion, which may cause problems during startup or acyclic communication of EtherCAT drives.

We recommend to update from CODESYS SoftMotion to CODESYS SoftMotion


CODESYS SoftMotion is a feature and bug-fix release.

Robotics Features
  • New movement type Path-invariant PTP: PTP movement whose path does not depend on the override and is not left in case of halt or interrupt
  • New function block SMC_GroupWait: Support for programmed waiting on the path
  • MoveLinear/MoveCircular: Reduction of jerk oscillations by adaptive planning intervals
  • MoveLinear/MoveCircular: Improved blending:
    • Optimized creation of blending-splines in case of asymmetric cut distances
    • In case of TransitionMode TMStartVelocity: Considering path geometry and dynamic axis limits at determination of blending points

  • Support for MoveLinear-/MoveCircular-movements with cartesian length 0 (or very small) and a change in orientation
  • Compatibility options: Enabling the user to deactivate recently released or upcoming improvements/bug-fixes that affect the resulting paths

CNC Features
  • Support for subprograms in G-code, including display of the callstack at interpretation- and interpolation-time
  • Support for expressions in G-code, including mathematical and boolean expressions as well as user-defined functions
  • Support for local variables in G-Code

Major bug-fixes
  • [SM-1511] CNC: Exception when using the method SetDelimiters of FB SMC_NCTokenizer
  • [SM-1519] Editors: Unhandled exception in automatic device import from fieldbus scan
  • [SM-1528] CNC: SMC_ToolRadiusCorr: possible error SMC_CNC_INTERNAL_ERROR
  • [SM-1538] Basic: Possible access violations during reconfiguration of EtherCAT master
  • [SM-1714] Basic/Robotics: Possible endless loop
  • [SM-1719] Basic: Unintended movement after quick stop
  • Accident [SM-1745] Robotics: SMC_GroupConvertPosition: conversions MCS -> ACS and WCS -> PCS not correct if MCS != WCS
  • [SM-1746] Robotics: CP: Using incorrect reference position for kinematic transformation
  • [SM-1778] Drivers: Parker SBC: Exception on RTE 64-BitCompatibility information

56 minor bugs have been fixed.

We recommend to update from CODESYS SoftMotion (or earlier) to CODESYS SoftMotion


CODESYS SoftMotion is a bug-fix release.

The following major bugs have been fixed:

- Accident SM-1645: Possible axis jump or error SMC_CP_NON_CONTINUABLE_STATE if orientation mode “Axis” is used with kinematics Kin_Scara3_Z. Introduced in version

- Accident SM-1629: Missing initialization for Staubli kinematics. The Staubli Scara and 6-Axis robot kinematics did not work correctly due to an accident in version

- Accident SM-1626: Possible memory overwrite during blending. Introduced in version

- Accident SM-1543: Parker Compax 3: Invalid mapping of drive specific digital input object 16#6100:01 to in.dwDigitalInputs. Introduced in version

- SM-1458: EtherCAT drives using modular slaves (like EtherCAT_Stoeber_SI6_SC6) are not working with EtherCAT_Master versions >=

- SM-1600: Robotics: too strict check of fSetJerk in AXIS_GROUP_REF_SM3.CheckSetValueLimits.

- SM-1575: SMC_ToolRadiusCorr: error SMC_CNC_INTERNAL_ERROR

- SM-1608: Possible oscillations of jerk and acceleration if dynamics are high and path planning interval is long.

- SM-1628: Possible FPU invalid operation exception on linux PLCs

Additionally, support for rotary axes with an axis range of more than 360° has been improved (SM-1531). It is now possible to command a linear or circular movement that crosses the period boundary of a rotary axis.

We recommend to update from CODESYS SoftMotion (or earlier) to CODESYS SoftMotion


CODESYS SoftMotion is a bug-fix release.

The following major bugs have been fixed:

- Accident SM-1501: The forward transformation of Kin_Scara2_Z and Kin_Scara3_Z does not correctly consider dOffsetA1, dOffsetA2, and dOffsetA2.

- Accident SM-1503: Online change although the project has not changed.

- Bug SM-1506: Possible CNC access violation due to a problem in SMC_SetQueueCapacity.

- Bug SM-1508: Closing the CNC editor and immedatly closing the project may crash Codesys.

We recommend to update from SoftMotion to SoftMotion

16.11.2017 CODESYS SoftMotion is a feature and bug-fix release.

New features of CNC function blocks:
- Support for tool-length compensation (G43)
- Support for rotated and scaled coordinate systems in the G-Code (G53 .. G56)
- Tool radius correction in arbitrary planes and 3D mode (G41, G42)
- Configurable tolerances for arc segments (G2, G3)

New Robotics features:
- Jogging of axis groups in product coordinate system (PCS) and tool coordinate system (TCS)
- Support for orientation mode Axis for Scara and 6-axis robot kinematics

New drivers:
- Panasonic MINAS A6B (EtherCAT)
- Stäubli robots via uniVal (EtherCAT)

About 50 bugs have been fixed.
26.10.2017 CODESYS SoftMotion is a bug-fix release. It contains about 15 bug-fixes and features drivers for Bonfiglioli iBMD. 07.08.2017 This version contains changes to make it work with CODESYS V3.5 SP11 64-Bit. The motion libraries have not changed compared to version 17.07.2017 This version fixes a major bug that can occur when reading G-Code files with the function block SMC_ReadNCFile. 15.05.2017 CODESYS SoftMotion is a bug-fix release.

- Robotics: New Function Block MC_GroupSetPosition
- Robotics: Support for event-triggered bus tasks
- PLCopen conformance improvements: MC_PositionProfile, MC_VelocityProfile, MC_AccelerationProfile set axis state now in conformance with PLCopen MC Part 1
- Axis groups can now be used in simulation (with a compiler version >=
- More than 20 bug fixes
04.05.2017 New Features:
- Support of MC_GroupSetOverride
- Support of MC_ GroupInterrupt and MC_ GroupContinue
- Robotics: New mode for CP orientation interpolation

- Robotics: Cartesian jogging of X/Y/Z and jogging the orientation axes in axis space.
- Robotics: New function block SMC_GroupTargetPosition
- Basic: Improved software limit reaction: brake before limit

About 60 Bugfixes.
06.04.2017   14.12.2016   17.11.2016

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