CODESYS Control for PFC200 SL

This product allows users to program the WAGO PFC200 controller by using the free CODESYS Development System (V3).
Without purchasing a license (just download) the control runs for two hours without functional limitations and shuts down automatically (demo).

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CODESYS Control for PFC200 SL

CODESYS Control for PFC200 SL

CODESYS Control for PFC200 is a SoftPLC based on CODESYS V3 for the WAGO PFC200 industrial PLC. After installation, the PLC can be engineered with the CODESYS Development System (V3) from 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH.


Functional principles

- The SoftPLC can be installed on a WAGO PFC200 device (see
- Download of the "CODESYS Control for PFC200" product from the CODESYS Store.
- Exchange of the WAGO PLC runtime (as delivered by WAGO) for a standard CODESYS V3 compatible SoftPLC.
- Installation of the license key via the CODESYS Development System (see document "Getting Started")



- Appropriate for PLCs in the sectors of factory and process automation (with new defined PLC functional range)
- Extensive engineering solution with the free CODESYS Development System (V3)
- Efficient engineering with the products of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition (code management via link to  Apache Subversion, static code analysis, runtime measurement on the PLC, CODESYS Test Manager for test automation, methodical application development with UML diagrams)
- Use of additional extensions and add-on tools from the CODESYS Store


Programming system

CODESYS Development System V3.5.7.3 or later (free of charge in the CODESYS Store)

Runtime system

WAGO firmware: Version 02.05.23(08)

Supported platforms and devices

750-8202 (PFC200 CS 2ETH RS: 2 x ETHERNET, RS-232 / RS-485)
750-8203 (PFC200 CS 2ETH CAN: 2 x ETHERNET, CAN, CANopen)
750-8204 (PFC200 CS 2ETH RS CAN)
750-8206 (PFC200 CS 2ETH RS CAN DPS)

Additional requirements

See license agreement. After installation, the user is responsible for implementing the software package according to device specifications.


Protocols for telecontrol technology are not supported.


Runtime activation via CODESYS license key (soft container)

Required accessories


Version history

Version Release date 16.03.2017 15.12.2016

4 Review(s)

PFC200 Codesys Runtime mit EtherCAT Koppler Review by Martin
Für meinen Verwendungszweck (SmartHome-Projekt) ist die Codesys Runtime für den WAGO PFC200 die ideale Wahl gewesen. Die Möglichkeit, mit der jeweils aktuellsten und kostenlos verfügbaren Version der Codesys Programmierumgebung V3.5 den PFC200 zu parametrieren und programmieren, sowie die vollständig integrierte moderne HTML5 WebVisu war der ausschlaggebende Grund, weshalb ich mich überhaupt für die WAGO-Lösung entschieden habe.

Die Ankopplung einer weiteren Unterverteilung mit einen WAGO EtherCAT Feldbuskoppler war ebenfalls super schnell und problemlos eingerichtet.

Weiterhin möchte ich noch erwähnen, dass bei Fragen oder Problemen der Codesys Support eine äußerst vorbildliche Leistung liefert! (Posted on 12/05/2017)
Benutzerfreundlich Review by Roger
Endlich kann man wieder mit dem original CODESYS Wago Controller programmieren. Ein Grund WAGO einzusetzen! (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Better than normal wago target Review by TomasKrajcar
Better than normal wago target (Posted on 29/06/2016)
Run!!! Review by Adam
Run!!!.. I Will EtherCat & ProfiNet ( Master & Slave ) Test..^^ (Posted on 08/01/2016)

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