Python Editor

"PythonEditor" as annual subscription facilitates the automation of development activities via the ScriptEngine integrated in CODESYS using sophisticated IntelliSense technology.

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Python Editor

Python Editor

"PythonEditor" is a plug-in for the CODESYS Development System and provides simplified access to important CODESYS functionalities via the integrated Python module "ScriptEngine". 


In addition to functions for auto-completion and syntax highlighting, code structuring and intelligent indentation also serve as tools to increase productivity during the development of automation solutions for CODESYS projects based on Python scripts.


As a result, the "scripting engine" not only allows CODESYS to be integrated into automated build server environments, but also to update libraries, generate code, or dynamically create machine configurations. 


Programming System

CODESYS Development System V3.5.15.0 and higher

Target System


Supported Platforms / Devices

All platforms and devices with CODESYS-support of version V3.5 SP15. Notice: Use the project ‘Device Reader’ to find out the supported features of your device. ‘Device Reader’ is available for free in the CODESYS Store.

Additional Requirements The usage of the CODESYS functionalities via the ScriptEngine requires general programming knowledge with Python 2.7.


Support: No support for programming questions regarding Python! For further assistance in developing scripts:

CODESYS Online Help




License activation optional on CODESYS Key or CODESYS Soft Key (free part of the CODESYS Controls). The licensing via soft container is strictly bound to the hardware

Required Accessory

Optional: CODESYS Key

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Python Editor (Demo)

Python Editor (Demo)

Version history

Version Release Notes Release date

Quality update with minor improvements and bug fixes. Integration of a help menu with useful links for scripting in the CODESYS IDE.


First release in Store.

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