All storage used on the CODESYS Automation Server is billed with the Storage. Only available as a service of the CODESYS Automation Server product.

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The memory consumption “Storage” is a user-adjustable size for cost control when using the CODESYS Automation Server. Set limits are transmitted from the CODESYS Store to the CODESYS Automation Server and are never exceeded.

The billing size for the memory consumption is gigabyte. Each started gigabyte is charged.

Overview of actions that can no longer be executed when the set limit is reached.

Not executable

Always executable

Upload of projects to the CODESYS Automation Server

Device status

Upload of applications to the CODESYS Automation Server

Network scan

Upload of images, videos

Read and write device parameters

Download of an application to a controller

Download of projects

All actions that are not listed in the column “Not executable” are always considered executable actions.


Programming System


Runtime System


Supported Platforms/ Devices


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