Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CODESYS Store?
The CODESYS Store is an online market place which offers payable and free CODESYS add-ons. The CODESYS Store includes products developed by 3S-Smart Software Solutions and third-party suppliers.

What kind of products can I find in the CODESYS Store?
The CODESYS Store offers plug-ins, libraries, runtime systems, device descriptions and free example projects.

Why are some products marked as "free"?
Products marked as "free" are example projects or software with no costs and do not require a license.

How can I get the products offered in the CODESYS Store?
Once you have registered and logged in to the CODESYS Store you can immediately download and install the software offered in the store. The chargeable products require a license and can only be used after purchasing a license.

Do I need a license for the products offered in the CODESYS Store?
Yes, some products require a license. Only the products marked as “Free!” do not require a license.

What kind of licenses are sold in the CODESYS Store?
The CODESYS Store offers workstation licenses and single device licenses ("SL" products).

How can I buy a license in the CODESYS Store?
The required product licenses can be purchased by putting the product to the shopping cart and proceeding the purchase. When you order a license a ticket number is sent along with the order confirmation.

Why do I need a ticket number?
The ticket number is a 25-digit number which is needed to activate the licenses purchased in the CODESYS Store. The activation can be done directly in CODESYS via the License Manager or via the CODESYS License Central - an online platform under

What should I pay attention to before starting the installation of a package (=Package Installation Mode)?
Before installing the software, please make sure having administrator rights on your computer and running CODESYS with administrator rights.

Where do I get support for the products?
Support is offered by the software supplier. The support contact for each product can be found on the product page on the "Support" tab.

Does the CODESYS Store offer trial licenses?
Yes there are trial licenses for certain products. With a trial license it is possible to test the software for several days. A trial license also requires a dongle. A trial license can only be activated once.

What is the CODESYS Security Key or CODESYS Runtime Key?
The CODESYS Security Key and the CODESYS Runtime Key are USB dongles which can carry up to 4000 licenses. The keys can be purchased in the CODESYS Store.

Which CODESYS version is supported?
All products offered have been developed for CODESYS V3. The system requirements for each product can be found on the "System Requirements" tab.

Does the store offer CODESYS V2 products?

How can I become a third party supplier?
Basic informationen can be downloaded with the CODESYS Third Party Starter Package.