Application Composer Flexible Fabric

Application Composer example, which shows the usage of the AC_Mechatronics library as part of the simulation of configurable conveyor systems.

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Application Composer Flexible Fabric

Application Composer Flexible Fabric

The Application Composer example Flexible Fabric, on the one hand, shows the usage of a ‘unknown’ Application Composer module library (‘AC_Mechatronics’, see Online-Help for a detailed description of this library) together with self assembled Application Composer modules. On the other hand the self assembled Application Composer Modules, demonstrate of pure software modules in order to simulate a system of different fabric elements (conveyors, grippers, movable barriers, etc.) on physical correct basis.

The module tree of the example is correspondingly split up into Simulation-Modules, Modules of the AC_Mechatronics library and Actuator-Modules, which mediate between the two other module systems:


- Using the Simulation-Modules, one can freely place and configure (e.g. friction constants of the conveyor surface) simulation elements.

- The Actuator-Modules reference the Simulation-Modules and are able to operate (e.g. switch a conveyor of or on) the latter with the help of sequence modules.

- The modules of the AC_Mechatronics library together with the sequence modules of the Actuator-Modules allows to establish an automatic sequence control (e.g. switching on a conveyor as a consequence of a sensor signal) within the simulation.


System requirements and restrictions

Programming system

CODESYS Development System
Version or higher

Runtime system

CODESYS Control Version

Supported Platforms/ Devices

Notice: Use the project ‘Device Reader’ to find out the supported features of your device. ‘Device Reader’ is available for free in the CODESYS Store.

Additional requirements




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